Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a basic, non-obtrusive dental treatment used to change the colour of common tooth enamel and is a perfect approach to upgrading the magnificence of your smile.

Since having brighter teeth has is a big concern to patients, there are various approaches to this problem. The most popular is the take home teeth whitening system. This will change the colour of your teeth significantly. Since teeth whitening works only with regular tooth enamel, it is critical to assess substitution of any old fillings, crowns, and so on. Any repairs that need to be done will be done after whitening so they will coordinate the recently whitened teeth.

Teeth brightening is temporary. A touch-up will be required like clockwork, and more regularly if you smoke, consume coffee, wine or tea.

Teeth whitening can fix:

  • Fluorosis (fluoridation causes discoloration).
  • Normal wear of the external tooth layer.
  • Stained teeth because of prescriptions (tetracycline, and so on.).
  • Yellowing from smoking or beverages such as tea or coffee.

What does a Teeth whitening include?

This kind of teeth whitening, for the most part, requires two visits. Initially, impressions (molds) will be made of your teeth to create clear, custom, tray, plastic. During your second visit, you will try on the tray for the appropriate fit, and changes will be made if required. The trays are worn with the whitening solution either twice every day for 30 minutes or overnight for two or three weeks depending on the level of discoloration that is being removed. It is typical to experience tooth sensitivity amid the time you are brightening your teeth, however, it will subside when you are done the whitening process.

You must visit us regularly to keep up a wonderful, beautiful, bright smile.

Whitening for Life Promotion @ Alderwood Family Dentistry:

At Alderwood Family Dentistry we are now offering a new promotion called “Whitening For Life”

As long as you are a patient in the office and you come in regularly or as suggested by Dr. Stefani, to have your dental hygiene appointments you will be entitled to a free touch up kit at every visit if you wish. This promotion once offered will not be removed.

The initial process is the same as above and the SPECIAL FEE for this promotions is only $250.00. Call the office today and schedule an appointment!

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