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Dr. Jonas Stefani and the Team @ Alderwood Family Dentistry.

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Alderwood Family Dentistry
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by John Hall on Alderwood Family Dentistry

I was having a problem with a molar and couldn't get a chance to schedule a visit (I work out of town). Finally I was able to call to make an appointment--Laura was so kind to offer me a late day appointment in which Dr Nadeau took me in and examined the area to find that the tooth had died... She explained my option very clearly and I made a decision to have it pulled. I had a molar pulled once before by another dentist (worst experience in my life Dr. G.....) and I was a little hesitant. Dr Nadeau and all of her 115 lbs--pull the tooth in seconds without any pain at all. Her team was great!! Literally it felt like 30 second and she was done. She took the time to explain the after care that was needed and sent me on my way. I was surprised that the next day Laura was texting me to follow up on me. To date I have not had any pain or swelling. I guess by following Dr Nadeau's instructions really proves "she knows her stuff". P.S. Myself and my family all have been a patient of the former Dr.Yuen for over 30 years and I'm so glad that he found Alderwood Family Dentistry to continue care he provided. "Hats off to the team" and keep up the great work.
John Hall

by Myrna on Alderwood Family Dentistry

Being terrified of dental work and suffering from panic attacks when faced with sitting in "the chair" I approached my appointment with a great deal of trepidation and fear. Within minutes I was put at ease. Everyone was so patient , understanding, and took the time to discuss and respect where my fears came from. Nothing happened that wasn't explained to me first....What a fantastic group of people. Normally I would leave a dental office mentally exhausted with the makings of a migraine. I left feeling comforted, understood and cared for. WOW.. Thank you; you folks are amazing!

by Foti on Alderwood Family Dentistry

Amazing dentist and amazing team. Love coming here! They make everything so easy.

by Paul Marentette on Alderwood Family Dentistry
Highly Recommended!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! After years of great treatment from Dr. Yuen and staff, I recently had my first few opportunities with the new practice. They have definitely invested well in new equipment. Everything is state-of-the-art, latest low radiation xray, fantastic digital photography, instruments and more.

I had two fillings required and was so comfortable I asked and allowed to completely opt out of freezing (so I wouldn't spend the rest of the day with a numb mouth and face.) Even with no freezing, there was absolutely no discomfort and zero pain. Plus I got on with the rest of my day unhindered.

Of course the latest equipment and a pristine office (which they also have) would be nothing without cheerful, talented staff that genuinely care about their patients. Treatment was quick but not rushed, appointment started punctually at time booked (morning) and never were any of my questions deferred or deflected.

Would have no problem recommending this dental office to anyone who cares about their dental health and hygiene.

by Penny Peters on Alderwood Family Dentistry
Worth The Drive!

"Worth the drive!"

As a loyal patient of Dr.Yuen even after moving two hours away, 13 years ago, I was so happy I could finally go to a local dentist once he retired...

Save all that time, gas...

Laura says, "Just try them out..."

What? Noooooooooooo!

I did.

Dr Stefani and Dr Alexandra are truly amazing.

If I could pick one thing out of the many that they excel at, it's the confidence and positive attitude.

Our smile really is our most important feature.

I like to hear, "we are going to make your teeth look fantastic"!! And most importantly---they come through! I can't say enough about everyone at AFD. Laura and Rachel are practically family, lol!

5 stars, absolutely!

by Theo on Alderwood Family Dentistry
I love this office!

Great team, great dentists! What a pleasant surprise to find small town treatment in this big city. We are not into assembly line dentistry and this dental office proves they care about their clients and they treated us with warmth and care. What a refreshing change in the big city to find such a gem.

by Maria on Alderwood Family Dentistry
Thank you

I was terrified to go to the dentist. Well these guys are so good I have actually scheduled a second appointment. They won my trust and I actually feel I can have dental treatment with out a panic attach. Thank you everyone at Alderwood for reforming a dental phobic patient.

by Eleni Maria on Alderwood Family Dentistry
Great Dental Office

As a new patient I looked at everything very critically, however they won me over on the first appointment. Easy going, relaxed, caring atmosphere. Thank you guys for a great experience.


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