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Digital Dental X-rays

Digital Imaging:

With the use of Digital Radiographs, we can take a look in between your teeth and at surrounding bone. The actual high definition digital x-ray immediately presents itself on the display, making it possible for both us and patient to look at the pictures as they are taken. These types of pictures have the ability to be increased in size so you may troubleshoot problem areas.

Environmental Advantages:

Digital radiography does not require wasteful single use x-ray film and developing chemical solutions. It eliminates the significant chemical waste of the film process.

Pictures are accessible right away, so that we can consult with you right away with no waiting for developing periods. Because we are able to email the images to other professionals instantaneously this eliminates the need to mail and print out documents.

We are a true chartless office.

The digital x-ray system, intra oral cameras and advanced technological dental software allows our staff to chart fillings, decay, periodontal disease and other case-specific findings without having to waste paper.

Chartless Office:Chartless-Printing

Being chartless allows us to have your detailed information at our fingertips. This helps us treat you quickly and efficiently while keeping your records safe, secure and accurate. We can instantly transmit patient information and radiographs digitally if needed and can integrate your entire file into a secure email. Being chartless also supports our philosophy of being eco-friendly by cutting down on paper use and unnecessary waste. All of our computers are energy star compliant.

We Protect Both the Environment and Your Healthdentrix

  • Digital process eliminates use of paper and saves trees
  • X-rays processed without the use of harmful developer and fixer chemicals
  • Dental procedures that include bio-compatible materials rather than mercury and other toxic metals
  • The use of Digital X-Rays eliminates 80% radiation exposure, and therefore greatly reduces any risk.
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