By admin October 30, 2017

Our Office is now Equipped and Certified for General Sedation Procedures!

Most patients suffer from “Dental Anxiety”. This is something we see and hear everyday. We listened to all of your concerns and fears and equipped and certified our office to offer Dentistry Asleep through General Sedation. We are so excited to bring this to the Etobicoke Community and to our patients.

As of November 1st, 2017 our office will be accepting referrals from the general dental offices in the area for “General Sedation”. Patients will be referred to our office with their x-rays and a treatment plan from their dentist. A consultation will be completed with our dentist here. Once patients are have completed the treatments in our office they will be referred back to their dental office for basic routine care.

Call our office if you are interested in a free consultation for General Sedation!

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