Best Oral Hygiene Practices for Children

By Alderwood Family Dentistry November 17, 2016

Best Oral Hygiene Practices for Children

Learning positive oral hygiene habits form the start is an important way to stay on track with healthy teeth all through life. The earlier on that children are able to become accustomed to good oral hygiene behaviors, the more likely they are to keep up these habits into their adult life. The question is: what oral hygiene practices are more important for kids?

Brushing at least twice a day – with good technique

Without brushing twice a day, the chances of gunk staying stuck on teeth is pretty high. When this happens, plaque builds up and can end up causing nasty cavities and tooth decay.

Brushing alone is important, but understanding the best brushing practices is important as well. Fluoride toothpaste is a good place to start. For the brush itself, sticking to softer bristles is important in order to avoid an overly harsh brushing experience.

Ensure kids are brushing all teeth and all over teeth. Simply brushing the front of the first few teeth is not enough. All sides of teeth that are exposed need to be brushed, and this goes for all teeth! The inside part of teeth often ends up neglected, leading to serious plaque build up.

The tongue is an important place to brush as well, and is also a common place of neglect. If kids want to keep their breath fresh, this is especially necessary! The tongue ends up covered in whatever we eat throughout the day. Tongues need to be brushed just as teeth do.

Floss regularly – not just when food feels stuck

Getting in the habit of flossing daily is important when working to combat plaque build up. Food gets trapped in areas that cannot be reached by brushing alone. As plaque builds up under the gum line, tartar can end up forming and leading to dental problems. Keeping on top of things is important!

Use mouthwash to get anything missed by brushing and flossing

Anything missed in the brushing and flossing process can be easily picked up and rinsed out with mouthwash. Mouthwash also is a great way to protect tooth enamel, protect from cavities, and have fresh breath.

Cut down on sweets

 Nobody likes to hear it, but the truth is that a healthy diet yields healthier teeth. Soda can be especially detrimental to teeth, as can other high sugar content drinks that are common for children. High fructose corn syrup containing drinks and foods should be eaten only in moderation, and should not be a constant part of the diet.

Keep up with going to the dentist

It is easy to forget about making a dentist appointment, but it is important to work on keeping up with visiting the dentist. By keeping kids at the dentist on a regular basis, cavities can be avoided, plaque buildup can be caught early, and any needed oral hygiene improvement can be pinpointed right from the start. The more time wasted trying to avoid the dentist, the more issues are likely to arise!


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