By Alderwood Family Dentistry December 17, 2021

My fascination for teeth started at the early age of 7 when I lost my first baby tooth! The love for studying teeth materialized into my obtaining a dental degree in 1993. I am currently working as a dental hygienist registered with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario. I also hold membership with the Canadian Dental Hygienist Association. In the past I have been an academic and a clinical instructor in a hygiene school and I absolutely love teaching people how to take charge of their oral health. I offer my services fluently in English, Hindi and Urdu.


I left India at an early age with my parents and grew up in 3 different continents before I came to Toronto. Growing up in different parts of the world helped me understand that everyone is unique with their own values and beliefs. I respect and understand various ethnic, traditional, personal values people have. I am very passionate about my work and keep myself updated with current trends and protocols by partaking in continuing education courses required to deliver optimum dental hygiene services in a safe environment.


Outside of work, I listen to lots of music, plant flowers in my garden, cook gourmet cuisine, go on road trips, and watch lots of movies (my favorite hero is Spiderman).

I am a proud mom of 2 daughters.

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