By Alderwood Family Dentistry January 27, 2023

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I have been involved in the dental health profession in various capacities over the past 25 years.  Since I was very young, I have always been interested in the health care field.  Shortly after arriving in Canada, I completed training to become dental assistant and started working as dental assistant in various practices.

Working in the dental health profession and working with amazing dental assistants, hygienists and dentists has helped me to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of how critical dental and oral health is in the overall health of individuals.  This increased my desire to grow in the profession and encouraged me to enroll in a dental hygiene program and graduate from the program.

My experience working in different dental health practices and coordinating a nonprofit dental clinic that provided dental services to low-income populations allowed me to work with many compassionate practitioners.  I met exceptionally brilliant and kind practitioners, including Dr. Jonas Stefani who provided excellent care to all, regardless of their status in society.

This experience has solidified my own beliefs as a person and practitioner in delivering highly effective patient care and excellent customer service.  I also learned that dental health practice is like an ecosystem, consisting of different individuals who play different roles – that positive relationship is a critical ingredient to efficient and effective practice and satisfied patients.  Knowing this, I make a concerted effort to contribute towards creating a positive and healthy dental practice that prioritizes the satisfaction of its patients.

As a dental hygienist, I try to put myself in patients’ shoes and ensure that they see and feel that I understand their pain, discomfort, and/or concerns.  I also work with my colleagues to strengthen the values that are foundational to the excellent and compassionate care that Alderwood Family Dentistry provides.  I am extremely happy to know that at Alderwood Family Dentistry, our values are aligned, and we work hard to exemplify compassion, understanding, and care in everything we do.

In my spare time, I support refugees and newcomers to settle and adapt in Canada.  As a passionate network weaver, I work with other community members and professionals to connect the networks of support available for refugees and newcomers.  I help them to understand the importance of oral health and learn to navigate and access dental health care services in Canada.

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